What does the Coravin System do for you?

Domaine Hudson has offered wine by the Coravin System for over 18 months. What is so special about the Coravin System? First you have to understand what it is and why it was developed.

For many, wine is an experience begging to be savored and tasted side by side and compared. The problem is that once a cork is pulled oxidation begins the deterioration of the wine. Until the Coravin, there was no effective preservation system that allowed someone to drink what they wanted without sacrificing the bottle. The Coravin starts with a story of how a man with a background in physics, mechanical engineering, nuclear power and medical devices invented a way to pass a non-coring needle through a cork and into a bottle. Over a decade of trial and error and passion for wine, Greg Lambrecht developed this special needle to allow a portion of the wine to be retrieved from the bottle without damaging what remained. This allowed the wine to be safely saved for another day, indistinguishable from an untouched bottle.

So what does it mean to you that Domaine Hudson can offer wine using the Coravin System? Coravin allows you to compare and contrast different varietals, brands, vintages and regions by tasting through different bottles during a night. Learn how food affects your wine with creative pairing without spending a fortune on multiple bottles.

Of course, we serve 40 different wines by the glass so if you are new to the restaurant you can do this easily with these wines. But if you are an experienced Domaine Hudson diner that studies our wine list longing for a taste of that $300 Chateauneuf du Pape but you aren’t sure you want drink a bottle. Now you can ask if it is a selection being poured by the Coravin. So you CAN pair that decadent brasised short rib with a glass fit for the Pope.

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