Delaware Native’s Blog Gets Attention of Food Network

Delaware Native’s Blog Gets Attention of Food Network Read about Skyler Bouchard, a 22 year old Greenville, DE native that has a passion for food.  You can visit her website at  and read about restaurant and food trend reviews as well as original recipes.  See below from the News Journal Article by Jordan McBride: SKYLER’S TOP 5 IN DELAWARE We asked Skyler Bouchard what… [Read More]

Meet Owner Michael Ross

“What made you want to own a restaurant?”  This is always the first question asked after someone finds out that owners Beth and Mike Ross are, indeed, actually veterinarians.  And Mike is not really just any veterinarian, he is a full professor of Equine Surgery for the University of Pennsylvania at New Bolton Center.  You can read about him in recent articles such as, “Top… [Read More]

What does the Coravin System do for you?

Domaine Hudson has offered wine by the Coravin System for over 18 months. What is so special about the Coravin System? First you have to understand what it is and why it was developed. For many, wine is an experience begging to be savored and tasted side by side and compared. The problem is that once a cork is pulled oxidation begins the deterioration of… [Read More]

Conn Valley Vineyards Dinner is sold out

As we expected, the Anderson’s Conn Valley Vineyard dinner featuring Todd Anderson and his fabulous wines on February 26 is now sold out.  If you waited too long to reserve, please feel free to call and be added to the waiting list.  It’s not uncommon for a registered party to run into a situation that keeps them from being able to attend.  We’ll give you a call if we hear… [Read More]

Ah, February

There’s rarely a dull moment when running a restaurant in Delaware in February! It’s one of those months when a crystal ball would come in handy.  And a foolproof way to predict the weather wouldn’t hurt, either. One minute the restaurant is booked solid – then a forecast of snow and ice pops up, and bam, you’re serving a few dozen of your heartiest friends…. [Read More]

Vote for us for Reader’s Choice Awards!

Exercise your right to vote! Vote for us for this year’s Reader’s Choice Awards in the categories of “Best Wine Bar” and “Best New American Fare.”  It’s easy!  Just go to and vote!  Don’t put it off!= —  VOTE NOW! (please).  Voting ends Sunday, August 31. And, thank you for your support.

Wine Wednesday: 2007 Hesperian Cabernet Sauvignon from Napa Valley

Hesperian produces small-lot Cabernet Sauvignons from several appellations throughout Napa, including Spring Mountain and Rutherford. This is a terroir-driven wine, which means the winemaker wants to showcase where the grapes come from in each bottle. Be sure to decant this wine before drinking because of the characteristic thick layer of sediment that sits on the neck of the bottle. Lots of dark fruit on the… [Read More]

Wine Wednesday

Amarone! This week we are featuring a by-the-glass special on 2009 Azienda Agricola La Giaretta Amarone della Valpolicella. Amarone translates as “The Great Bitter,” and Valpolicella translates as “the valley of many cellars.”  Amarone is classically made with three varietals — Corvina, Rondinella, and Molinare.  Traditionally, amarone is made by harvesting the grapes at peak ripeness, and laying them down on straw mats in temperature-controlled… [Read More]

It’s that time again

Wine Wednesday! Are you a cab drinker who shuns merlot? Well, don’t do that! Cab drinkers also may enjoy the 2011 Shafer Merlot from Napa Valley It is 75% merlot, 15% Cabernet Sauvignon, and a little bit of Malbec and Petit Verdot. Shafer can get away with calling it merlot, because according to California wine laws, if a wine is labeled by a varietal, only… [Read More]

Winner of Wine Spectator 2014 Restaurant Awards!

We are so honored to be chosen as a recipient of Wine Spectator’s 2014 Restaurant Awards! We are among only 3700 Restaurant Award recipients in the entire world! This is a major accomplishment, and we thank everyone here at Domaine Hudson who contributed to our being chosen. Congratulations to the other Delaware restaurants who also received this award: Abbott’s Grill, Milford; Caffe Gelato , Newark; The… [Read More]